MEMBRAIN™ ... balances wind pressure, sail shape and rig forces

Membrain takes the sail/rig model from Desman and applies pressure fields from Flow, deforming the mast and sail as a single unified structure. As the sail/rig structure is deformed, the shape of the sail changes, so Membrain then links back to Flow to acquire new pressure fields for the deformed surface. This changes the sail shape in Membrain yet again, so the process is repeated until there is stable balance between pressure and rig/sail deformation. Membrain can be used to test sail shapes, optimize mast design and rig tune, create sail shapes to test in North VPP, check loads for designers, and more.

Membrain applies pressure to the integrated rig/sail system and then iterates the results back to Flow until pressure and sail deformation achieves a stable balance.
Yarn strain maps comparing the same sail with different DPI (denier per inch)© North Sails
Comparison of sail in Membrain (left) and on-the-water photo (right) for a TP52 jib.© North Sails
Virtual Wind Tunnel pressures applied in Membrain to simulate an A2 spinnaker for Farr STP 65 Rosebud alongside on-the-water image of Rosebud sailing in the same conditions.© North Sails
Mast tune analysis in Membrain accurately models interaction of sails and rig in specified conditions.© North Sails