DESMAN™ ... rig and sail modeling

Desman creates a complete rig/sail model in a three-dimensional environment. In Desman, North designers can specify mast size, rigging position, rigging attachment points at the deck and trimming locations. The modeled sail/rig system incorporates the mechanical properties of the spars, standing rigging, running rigging and sails in terms of moments of inertia, sail and spar surface area, materials stiffness and resistance to stretch. Later in the process, Membrain (described later) uses the Desman model to determine deformation under load for the sail and every piece of standing and running rigging, right down to stretch in the sheets and halyards.
Richel/Pugh 82 Highland Fling modeling genoa staysail and A2 spinnaker.© North Sails
Left : Wild Oats model for rig tune. Right: Volvo 70 reaching simulation.© North Sails