CLASSIC RACING North Sails Classic team knows exactly what it takes to get a successful classic racing project
TALL SHIP SAILS We manufacture Sails for any traditional or modern rigged tall-ship
CLASSIC CRUISING We build sails for any rig, whether bermudian or gaff, sloop, schooner or ketch…

North Sails Classic team manufactures traditional sails of any kind applying 50 years of sailmaking experience employing the ultimate knowledge as well traditional methods and workmanship.

North Sails Classic
have taken modern fabrics and, assisted by computer aided design, blended the two with yesterday's traditional finishing systems, creating sails to compliment the finest classics afloat today.

We build sails for any rig, whether bermudian or gaff, sloop, schooner or ketch… By using the tightest woven dacrons, the fabric, is then cut to produce the narrow panel style.  In keeping with the age of each yacht, the sails are then crafted into vertical, crosscut, mitrecut or scotch cut configurations by computer controlled cutters.

After assembly to the world's highest standards, each sail is then finished by a craftsman sailmaker, whose training and experience allows for the creation of traditional handwork such as;

» Multi ring corners with full seizing
» Tapered rat tail hand roping
» Ornate leather work
» Leech cord plaited ends
» Traditional corner patches, finger style
» Hand sewn bronze rings and hanks

      Finally, having crafted the ultimate classic sail, we offer to fit the sails to your yacht and complete sail trials with each owner.  Where this is not possible, we will supply full drawings and instructions on how to bend sails to spars in the traditional manner, to enable your classic to take her place with pride in any fleet, anywhere