North Sails is the largest and most successful sailmaking company in the world. Although our company has grown up during the last 50 years based in our experience and success in the race fields our extensive range of products covers all sailing fields from dinghies to Superyachts, from recreational cruising to Grand Prix sailing.             

Our team specialised in designing, manufacturing and servicing sails for classic and traditional boats has gathered an extensive knowledge based on a close and thorough work with shipyards and owners to satisfy the needs of every vessel.

Traditional sailmaking has always been a guide when manufacturing sails for classic boats, Tall Ships and traditional vessels throughout the world.

Many classic boat owners have laid their confidence in our North Classic team to get state of the art sails that match their sailing philosophy and needs. We are conscious of the significance of the timeless values and style that guide classic sailing and we dedicate our long term knowhow and resources to fulfil the spirit.
Our philosophy is to approach the excellence with producing premium quality sails, and our obligation is to deliver consistent professional standards of design, construction and workmanship in every sail we make.

The relationship that we built with our customers is based on trust, and we stand behind our products with a reputation for integrity and fairness earned over years.

A North Sails representative will be at your disposal to follow on board the set of sails concerning sail trim, shape control and service.

You can surely trust us to obtain the sails that perfectly fit both your classic boat and your sailing needs.